Tactile Marketing



Convert your maps, art displays, ​diagrams, and exhibits into accessible tactile embossments or durable structures. We work with local artists and modeling professionals sourced locally in Flagstaff, Arizona,  via popular resin-casting, 3D printing, and thermoforming processes.

Tactile maps that are 3D printed can help translate location information into the sense of touch and hearing, helping the visually impaired, hearing impaired, and other potential audiences better navigate in a new environment.

Service available exclusively in Flagstaff, Arizona. Email us for more details.

3D Ibex Skull

Our Technology

3D Printing

3D printing has made waves in the world of accessibility and fine-detail modeling. Our 3D print artists create beautiful displays, exhibits, and maps that help local companies reach more audiences and become more inclusive in their marketing.


Thermoform is one of the most common methods of producing tactile maps. Also known as vacuum forming, thermoform maps are created from a custom mold based on the client's need and design. Our artists then heat plastic, which is then vacuumed on top of a model or master. This can be made from a variety of substances, based on the durability needs, and location of the product once created.


For larger art pieces that cannot be hallow and need to be slightly more durable, our artists can create displays using a resin-casting process. These objects are more likely to stand the test of time, touch, and outdoor elements.

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This offer only available for clients based in Houston, Texas

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